Banville Wine Merchants Canada

A new Ontario based wine agency; we are building a global portfolio of family-owned, terroir driven wines. With a combined 50+ years of industry experience, we are fortunate to have a robust network of local and international connections. With intimate knowledge and experience working within the LCBO, Banville has a unique approach to the market because we are also producers. We intimately understand that relationships, focus, communication, and marketing are keys to building brands.

Our philosophy is rooted in customer service. Relationships, education and the highest quality products make the difference. We aim to bring the best producers together with the top restaurants, and work towards retail success in the LCBO. We are selective in choosing producers to represent. We insist on quality people who make quality wines; producers who deserve our attention and our ability to market wines that we can successfully represent in Ontario.

Banville Wine Merchants is passionate about the wine business and developing partnerships with others who share this passion and commitment.